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All Sony models are supported. We just need your IMEI to get you an unlock code.


please, make sure your phone unlock counter is not blocked. To check this 

1. Turn on the phone
whithout sim card 

2. Type

3. Select service

4. Select simlock 

5. Check where x is marked.

6. If x is on network and
value is not 0, you can unlock phone. 

7. If it is 0 unlock by
code is not possible. Instead use the usb direct unlock service.

The unlock code takes 3-5 working days to
generate. We cannot cancel the process once it begins, please take note of that
before placing order. The code will be sent to your paypal email address once
it is processed. You can also access it by logging in to your account.

Reminder: always get
the imei from *#06# on the phone. Never take the imei from the phone sticker or
from the box.

Provide your IMEI before adding to cart.


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